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Eiffel Plastic Arm Chair With Rocker Base

  • $19900


polypropylene seat, perfectly contoured for maximum comfort, the Eiffel Chair combines minimalist design with a perfect ergonomic shape. The profile is striking, combining bright colors with a graphic tower frame to create a look that is classic yet contemporary in any setting.

  • Material: Plastic | Chrome Legs | Wooden Rocking Chair Base
  • Colour Options: Black | Shiny Black | White | Shiny White | Grey | Blue | Sea green | Green | Pink | Red | Orange | Cream | Acrylic
  • Size: 25in x 24.5in x 27.5in ( Width x Depth x Height )
  • The Eiffel Chair is a great example of functionality and form in one. With a strong yet flexible 

     Materials - plastic


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